Centre Point 1

Centre Point

Completed in 1966 in the heart of the West End, Centre Point is a building that could only have emerged from the restless, irreverent period of the 1960s. 

The building is the creation of one of the most influential property developers of the last century. Harry Hyams saw the opportunity to create a skyscraper in the heart of London. Designed by Colonel Seifert, it embodied the growing confidence of the 1960s, as Britain emerged from post-war depression. Later, it gained unwelcome ‘white elephant’ status, as it remained partially empty and cut off by the busy gyratory system that was formative in its creation.

This under-appreciated architectural masterpiece is now set for an imaginative new lease of life.  Centre Point, which was granted listed building status in 1995, has received planning permission for a transformation by Rick Mather Architects and Conran and Partners who will revive its sixties design appeal alongside cutting edge design and technology.

A landmark seen from every corner of the capital, this is a building that justifies its name. It stands at the junction of two of London’s busiest thoroughfares: Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. This is also the central point of the tube system, where the main north-south artery (the Northern Line) crosses the main east-west artery (the Central Line). The arrival of Crossrail, with Tottenham Court Road as the central stop will reaffirm Centre Point's geographical and symbolic position at the heart of London.